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New Business

I’m so excited!!!!!!

I will Launch a Personalized Gifting Company that will offer customers to give presents that their love ones will cherish. I will also offer Business products that can be branded, so they can grow. Also I will offer an Event Rental Services. So excited to start a business from scratch.

New Adventures Coming Up Join Me!!!

April 2018

IdealDesignz Opens

IdealDesignz Opens

Are you ready for a new business that will inspire….

IdealDesignz, my new business will launch!!

You Tube Channel Launch

  •  Crafting with a cricut
  • Budget friendly exceptional meals
  • Travel on a budget
  • So much More

April 2018

April 2018

Ready to Pin

Will be revamping my Pinterest boards

I want the best kept secrets floating around organized just for you.

Will be talking about crafting, travel, life, love, etc… in short formats, we don’t have all day to read one blog 

Join a new Group

Starting a brand new channel In FaceBook that will bring a wide range of personalities together to discuss Life, Work, Crafting…

Cant wait come and see what is it all about

April 2018